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Analytics for Faster and Fail-Proof Decision-Making

In business, uncertainty is a given, yet smart decisions are an imperative. Analytics gives you the insight you need to mitigate risks and forge ahead. Extract insights from your data and empower decision-making across the business value chain with QBurst’s analytics services.

Know Your Customers and Competitors

Gain better insight into customer persona and tailor your services with greater precision to win long-term customer loyalty. Adapt your social media strategies and campaigns for different market segments by tuning into customer sentiments, predicting behaviors, and assessing competitor strategy.

Discover Hidden Correlations and Patterns

Data becomes a strategic asset for problem-solving and decision-making only when it is intuitive and user-friendly. Rich, interactive visualization helps you uncover correlations and patterns within data leading to new discoveries.

Optimize Industrial Processes and Assets

Monitor and control the performance of your industrial assets and processes with the help of intelligent devices that transmit data. A unified, cloud-based IIoT platform can sense, analyze, and visualize large-volume industrial data to enable timely decision-making on mission-critical processes.

Assess and Monitor Business Operations

Streamline data capture, processing, analysis, and reporting to obtain a single, accurate, and easily accessible view of your business operations. Monitor your KPIs against predefined goals and identify factors that impinge on business performance for timely course correction.

Automate Knowledge Extraction and Decision-Making

Apply machine learning to automate and optimize content-centric business processes such as claims processing and compliance management. Sophisticated machine learning algorithms enable real-time content classification, fraud/spam detection, product recommendation, image/speech recognition, and prediction of user behavior.


"QBurst has been providing us social media analytics for our client across Africa for the period of last eight months. The reports they deliver on a daily basis and monthly analysis have helped us recommend marketing strategies that has helped our client engage better online."

Samuel Karanja
Managing Director


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