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How We Create Engaging User Experience

The soul of an application lies in the experience it gives the user, visually and functionally.

Anticipating needs and presenting users with more than what was perceived as necessary can produce amazing experiences. A human-centered approach goes a long way in creating such user experiences. It gives scope for more sensitivity, innovation, and effective problem-solving.

To align our practice with these principles, we follow a three-phased approach to UX designing - Discover, Design, and Deliver.

QBurst 3-D approach to UX designing


We study the lifestyle, demographics, behavior patterns, and preferences of users to help us to think from their perspective. The discovery process involves identifying various user groups, preparing questionnaires or surveys, creating personas, and performing task analysis.

Deliverables and Documentation

  • User-centered analysis report
  • Task analysis documentation
  • Personas
  • User-flow diagrams


First impressions never get second chances. During the design phase, we convert the learning from user research to visually appealing designs. Based on a detailed storyboard, our UX engineers, designers, and content strategists collaborate to create wireframes, navigation design, and finally a prototype.

Deliverables and Documentation

Deliverables and Documentation

  • Information architecture
  • Navigational flow representation
  • Wireframes
  • UI designs
  • Style guides and assets


The final phase that breathes life into a feasible design. In this phase, the prototype goes through a design review, usability analysis, and heuristic evaluation. The testing and review feedback are incorporated to clear glitches. The aim is to produce a product that performs as desired and satisfies users.

Deliverables and Documentation

  • Usability analysis document
  • Heuristic evaluation report

Why User-Centered Design Matters

  • Enables creating smart, effective, and efficient applications
  • Delivers user expectations with increased levels of satisfaction
  • Minimizes the need for redesigning
  • Helps generate more creative design solutions through collaboration of multidisciplinary professionals
  • Helps in developing a sense of ownership among users

Watch this video to know how we create engaging mobile applications