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Amazon Web Services

As Amazon Consulting Partner, we help businesses of all sizes to architect, develop, migrate, and manage applications on AWS cloud. If you are looking for a seamless transition to the Amazon cloud, our team can help you identify the best migration strategy to support the nuances of your business. We also extend 24/7 support for your AWS hosted infrastructure to ensure business continuity.

Our Services

  • icon AWS Migration Consultation
  • icon AWS Application Integration
  • icon AWS Automation
  • icon Server Monitoring and Management
  • icon AWS-Based Database Administration
  • icon Workflow Orchestration
  • icon Performance Optimization
  • icon Greenfield and Brownfield Deployment
  • icon Disaster Management
  • icon Backup and Storage

Deliver Sustainable Results with Amazon Web Services

Hosting with Amazon

Be it for improving app performance, scaling websites with traffic and usage, or setting up your IoT system, we help you capitalize on the benefits of the AWS platform. Amazon offers a slew of hosting services like RDS, SES, Route 53, and DynamoDB for the varied hosting needs of businesses.

Glitch-Free Content Delivery

Accelerate your website’s responsiveness with uninterrupted content delivery. Serve rich media content, such as podcasts, videos, and other pieces of interactive content, using Amazon CloudFront to provide better user experience with lesser downtimes.

Migration to Amazon Cloud

Ready to move from on-premise to cloud-hosted infrastructure? Our phased approach will make migration a breeze. After careful feasibility studies, we plot dependency trees and a road map to migrate existing web applications or backend processing systems to the Amazon cloud.

Real-Time Data Processing

Move your streaming data to the cloud. Amazon Kinesis Firehose loads continuous streaming sensor, log file, or digital media data to Amazon S3 and Redshift, making real-time data analytics easier for Amazon Elastic MapReduce or other business intelligence tools.

Order Fulfillment Service

Let your customer service be on par with Amazon. Amazon Fulfillment Web Service API integration on ecommerce websites helps merchants to affiliate with Amazon’s logistics services and ensure faster order fulfillment and delivery to customers.

Storage and Disaster Recovery

Struggling to store disparate sets of high-volume data? Sync your business critical data to the cloud with Amazon S3, Glacier, or Elastic Block Store and keep it safe from unintended loss.

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