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Meeting Room Calendar for Redmine

Book Meeting Room is a plugin we built for popular project tracking tool, Redmine. We use Redmine to track and manage all our projects. The Book Meeting Room plugin was developed to streamline our internal meeting room booking process. It lets you book meeting rooms and displays current bookings to all users via a calendar interface. Show More

When numerous projects are running simultaneously and often with resources working from multiple locations, regular sprints and review meetings are crucial to the successful and timely completion of tasks. Manually checking for availability and blocking rooms at multiple locations before scheduling meetings turned out to be a pain for project managers and team leads.

As technologists, we wrote a JavaScript plugin to simplify the situation and improve the efficiency of the entire process - the meeting room calendar for redmine. Show Less

Simple to Use

Once installed, you can access the plugin from your Redmine home page. A single click opens a calendar with the current day highlighted. Navigate to a preferred meeting room and pick the day and time slot you want to book. The pop-up window that opens, lets you add in details such as start and end time. Click save and the room is blocked. Yes, it’s as easy as that!

With Meeting Room Plugin You Can

  • Click and type on the calendar to book/update meeting rooms
  • Check room availability and booking status on the calendar
  • View details of a particular booking on mouseover
  • Plan ahead with advance booking
  • Prevent booking overlaps