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Developing Dynamic Web Frontends

No matter how efficient or robust an application is, it is no good if the frontend is drab. Our frontend engineering team is trained to deliver rich, interactive interfaces that motivate users to engage with an application. Skilled in technologies including the new and trending ones, QBurst gives you a broad spectrum of choice to create smooth user interactions in your dream application. 

Tapping the Possibilities of JS

From a "toy language," JavaScript (JS) has risen to the status of a full-stack programming language with the emergence of the likes of Node.js and React.js. We can now build highly responsive interfaces with top-notch performance using JavaScript. And, we strongly believe that our clients should not have to settle for "the next best" due to lack of requisite skill set.

Responsive Web Design

HTML5 and CSS3 with media queries make the foundation of a responsive website. But you will need a lot more to deliver the perfect viewing experience to users across devices. Using frameworks such as Bootstrap can save you time. If you need greater control over your interface, we can build from scratch, extending CSS capabilities with pre-processors such as Less or Sass.

Featured Apps

Product viewer 360

A web application that provides 360-degree view of products allowing users to fully rotate and zoom into items. The application has a rich user interface built using HTML5, Bootstrap, and jQuery along with CamanJS.

An app for the financial sector

This is an example of what we can build using PhoneGap and jQuery Mobile. Built for insurance company agents, the application has useful features such as quick premium quote, document management, file upload, and more.

HTML5 Puzzle

A picture puzzle featuring cute graphics and an attractive game-play built using HTML5.

Our RIA development portfolio includes:

  • Product Development
  • Enterprise Applications
  • Mobile Applications
  • Computer Based Training (CBT) Apps
  • e-Commerce Applications
  • Gaming Applications
  • Web Portals

    Do you want to build highly interactive and engaging apps?